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The Best Brands in Maternity Scrubs

Happy Independence Day everyone!
Today I am going to talk about the importance of maternity scrubs, maternity clothes, nursing bra and nursing tanks for a medical stuff, especially for expectant nursing stuffs. My sister is a staff nurse and she pregnant too. She told me the difference between normal scrubs and the maternity scrubs and the importance of fashionable and useful maternity scrubs. It is quite natural that expectant medical stuffs, nurses like to work through their pregnancies. But they often face the problem of wondering about what are the right nursing clothes to wear during their pregnancy. One fine morning, they found that their old one become tight and uncomfortable to wear. They can’t just wear any plus size clothes from their wardrobe, because of the hospital’s uniform policy. So, what to do? Maternity scrubs are the solution.

Now, what are maternity scrubs? And what are difference between normal scrubs and maternity scrubs? Maternity scrubs are special types of nursing scrubs. These types of scrubs were re-designed to accommodate the changing body of a pregnant woman. It should be stretchable enough to accommodate your growing tummy. Maternity nursing scrubs were flexible and have an expandable elastic band and some flattering cuts, which make them more comfortable when worn by the expecting medical practitioners. Some of the maternity scrubs have ribbons on the back that would be useful if you want to re-use it after you have given birth.

Here are some tips, when you are going choose a maternity scrub or pant or top for yourself:

  1. It is flexible and stretchable enough to accommodate your growing tummy.
  2. It’s fashionable as well as comfortable.
  3. It has flattering cuts.
  4. It has a support garment which is designed to help bear the weight of the tummy.
  5. It has an expandable elastic band over or under the belly is snug and comfortable fit.


Although there are array of maternity scrubs manufacturers in the market, some of the well known brands are Cherokee maternity scrubs, Landau maternity pants, and Dickies scrubs. Specially, Dicikies’ has a wide selection of maternity scrubs that fit your style and need. All are especially made for the expecting nurses. Dicikies’ maternity scrubs, top, and maternity pants have enough room to help you look stylish throughout your entire pregnancy. With flexible fabric, expandable elastic band and stretch panel, one can feel more comfortable while working.

Some of the best quality maternity scrubs, pants offered by the Dickies are The Mock wrap maternity scrub with two pockets and the Flare Leg Scrub Pants.


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