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Sexy Cherokee Nursing Scrubs – 4 Styles You’ll Like

In today’s world, wearing the same white conventional nursing uniform day after day is boring n tiresome too. The medical stuffs, nurses are reluctant to wear white apron, white cap, white long skirt and long white stocking – coz, in the world of fashion, trends keep on changing all the time and so do the colors and designs of the dresses.  People go more fashionable today. Then why not the nurses?

To fulfill their need, there are thousands of nursing scrubs manufacturing company flooding the US market with wide range of styles and countless brands. Some of the top brands ruled the markets are Cherokee, Dickies, Landau, Barco, Peaches etc. These days, most of the nurses wear colorful, trendy and sexy scrub pants, Halloween prints scrub tops, which is more comfortable than the conventional one.

Sexy Scrub Dresses by Cherokee:

Cherokee is one such big brand, since 1972; it has maintained excellent quality and modern style for nursing scrubs at an affordable price.

Some of the trendy Cherokee nursing scrubs:

Cherokee Flexibles “Dots A Doodle” scoop neck print nursing scrubs top –

It is the most popular and fashionable nursing scrubs top from Cherokee brand. The “Dots A Doodle” scoop neck print scrub top comes in a variety of colors, including light green, black, blue, and white. It has flexible soft knit contrast around the neck, front and inseam pockets, stretchable side knit panels and front and back yokes. It comes with (XS), small (s), medium (m), large (l), extra large (XL), 2XL (XXL), and 3XL in size. It is created from the finest quality poly/cottons to make it comfortable.

Cost around – $28

Cherokee Serene Butterfly print nursing scrub top –

It is another trendy scrub top from Cherokee. It is bright, colorful and very glamorous nursing scrubs for collection. It has rounded neckline, two patched pockets and chest pocket for holding the essentials. It is soft, 100 percent cotton made butterfly print nursing scrubs top from Cherokee. It comes with (XS), small (s), medium (m), large (l), extra large (XL), 2XL (XXL), and 3XL in size. It features an elastic inset at back portion for perfect shaping.

Cost around – $22

Cherokee Flexibles cargo pocket scrub pants –

One can never have enough basics, like this stretch polyester cotton, right leg cargo pocket and bright and glamorous Flexibles cargo pockets scrub pants from Cherokee. Innovative designs and stretch knit panels make it popular amongst nurses. It features a fold over waistband that provides the ultimate comfort while long hour of working. It has a right leg big cargo pocket for holding the essentials.

Cost around – $21

Cherokee Electronica print nursing scrubs top –

Another top quality nursing scrubs tops offered by Cherokee is Electronica print scrub top. It is fashionable and comfortable to wear. It has ribbon trim with novelty zig zag stitching around the neckline. 100 percent cotton made and comes with (XS), small (s), medium (m), large (l), extra large (XL), 2XL (XXL), and 3XL in size. This scrub top from Cherokee features feminine smocked detail at sleeve hem, pockets and side vents, a V-neck and a Electronica print front.

Cost around – $25


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Summer Collections – Trendy Nursing Scrubs for the Summer Months

Today, I feel hot and humid, which means the full heat of summer has finally arrived in the city. So medical practitioners, nurses are searching their wardrobe for more casual and cool scrub tops, pajamas and nursing shorts. Many of the nurses should have a good collection of summer nursing scrubs in their wardrobe. Generally, nursing scrubs are warm, still medical staff maintain their professionalism and head cool as the mercury rise. Here are some cool dress tips:

  1. Always use light colored, light strappy hospital scrubs or nursing uniforms.
  2. Use cent percent soft cotton made scrubs during summer.
  3. Made of light weight materials.
  4. Better comfort and easy to wear sundresses

I am bringing you some top summer nursing clothes that are keep you cool and comfortable during this summer while looking trendy as well.

Nursing scrubsWomen’s print 100% cotton nursing scrubs top: This slightly longer print v-neck scrub top has a beautiful flower print with white background, which will keep you cool in this summer. This trendy scrub top has two lower convenient pockets and side vents for easy movement. Most medical stuffs have a tendency to go up one size for more comfort and fit.

Women’s V-neck nursing scrubs top:  Another classically styled v-neck scrub top; printed in trendy shades of green, blue and white, this will maintain your body temperature cool in summer. It has two lower pockets and made of airy AngelStat cotton blended fabric with side vents that help you to keep cool in summer. This fashionable scrub top has a unique feature – a handy scissors holder for the nurses.



Scrubs skirtElastic Waist Scrub Skirt: If you are looking for something more comfortable and cool for the summer then Elastic waist scrub skirt is a great option for stylish nursing scrub skirt. The two long pockets hold all your medical essentials. The back skirt pleat and pockets give it a professional look and comfortable fit. People will love wearing this comfortable and fashionable nursing scrubs skirt.

Unisex cargo pants with elastic waist: Unisex cargo pants are very trendy and comfortable for many nursing stuffs. These unisex cargo designed pants have two long and convenient pockets on right side and a single one on the left. It is made of airy AngelStat cotton blended fabric that will keep you fresh for hours.  These Unisex cargo nursing pants have been a bestseller for years to nursing stuffs across the country.

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The Best Brands in Maternity Scrubs

Happy Independence Day everyone!
Today I am going to talk about the importance of maternity scrubs, maternity clothes, nursing bra and nursing tanks for a medical stuff, especially for expectant nursing stuffs. My sister is a staff nurse and she pregnant too. She told me the difference between normal scrubs and the maternity scrubs and the importance of fashionable and useful maternity scrubs. It is quite natural that expectant medical stuffs, nurses like to work through their pregnancies. But they often face the problem of wondering about what are the right nursing clothes to wear during their pregnancy. One fine morning, they found that their old one become tight and uncomfortable to wear. They can’t just wear any plus size clothes from their wardrobe, because of the hospital’s uniform policy. So, what to do? Maternity scrubs are the solution.

Now, what are maternity scrubs? And what are difference between normal scrubs and maternity scrubs? Maternity scrubs are special types of nursing scrubs. These types of scrubs were re-designed to accommodate the changing body of a pregnant woman. It should be stretchable enough to accommodate your growing tummy. Maternity nursing scrubs were flexible and have an expandable elastic band and some flattering cuts, which make them more comfortable when worn by the expecting medical practitioners. Some of the maternity scrubs have ribbons on the back that would be useful if you want to re-use it after you have given birth.

Here are some tips, when you are going choose a maternity scrub or pant or top for yourself:

  1. It is flexible and stretchable enough to accommodate your growing tummy.
  2. It’s fashionable as well as comfortable.
  3. It has flattering cuts.
  4. It has a support garment which is designed to help bear the weight of the tummy.
  5. It has an expandable elastic band over or under the belly is snug and comfortable fit.


Although there are array of maternity scrubs manufacturers in the market, some of the well known brands are Cherokee maternity scrubs, Landau maternity pants, and Dickies scrubs. Specially, Dicikies’ has a wide selection of maternity scrubs that fit your style and need. All are especially made for the expecting nurses. Dicikies’ maternity scrubs, top, and maternity pants have enough room to help you look stylish throughout your entire pregnancy. With flexible fabric, expandable elastic band and stretch panel, one can feel more comfortable while working.

Some of the best quality maternity scrubs, pants offered by the Dickies are The Mock wrap maternity scrub with two pockets and the Flare Leg Scrub Pants.

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High Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

A woman may suffer from high blood pressure during her pregnancy. It may be fatal. Generally high blood pressure means how hard blood pushes against the arteries’ wall. If that pressure is too much, then we call it high blood pressure or hypertension. And it links to risk of stroke. So be careful.

In United States only, the research data shows, one out of hundred and ten pregnant women who have delivered a baby prematurely and who also had suffered from gestational hypertension during pregnancy. High blood pressure starts afterwards 20 weeks of pregnancy, it may be a sign of a grave concern called preeclampsia or gestational hypertension. This type of gestational hypertension develops after 20 weeks of pregnancy and may be either temporary hypertension of pregnancy or chronic hypertension identified in the latter half of pregnancy. If systolic BP is more than 140 millimeters of mercury or diastolic BP is more than 90 millimeters of mercury, then we can say, the pregnant woman is suffering from gestational hypertension.

Aneroid blood pressure monitor kits

It is not that every pregnant woman who gets pregnant is the same risk of heart attack. The additional risk of heart attack in minimal for normal pregnancy. Generally, a pregnant women blood pressure drops during her second trimester. And then it backs to normal by the end of the pregnancy. In case the blood pressure of that pregnant women suddenly jumps high; (systolic pressure is more than 140 or diastolic pressure is more than 90) during her 2nd or 3rd trimester. Then it called gestational hypertension. It is risky; it may turn to preeclampsia later stage. In that case, high blood pressure prevents the fetus from getting enough blood and oxygen. This could obstruct fetal development during this period. So the pregnant women should take care of their blood pressure and need to have checked often with the doctors or their own household Aneroid blood pressure monitor kits. It is vital in order to check the blood pressure and inexpensive too. You can buy Aneroid or Digital blood pressure monitoring kits from the various online stores available on the web.

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